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Magic Rope Tricks

Looking for a way to entertain look no further!

You will amaze everyone with these eye popping rope illusions.  This is book was written by a sailor for a sailor.  It is a proven collection of step by step, easy to follow instructions.  Anyone who has been becalmed, is sailing instructor, or wants to amuse and amaze their friends will appreciate this book.

-This book contains:

Written instructions for 32 fun to do rope tricks

134 Drawings to make learning easy

Plus a series of nautical stories, poems and quotes

“Anyone who buys this book will be provided an gateway to hours of fun and entertainment with their sailing friends, I know I was.  Tom Thacker, Comedor W.S.C.

“My brothers, my friends and I all enjoyed learning many of the tricks in this book.  The clearly written and abundance of drawings made it quick and easy.”  Mike Strahl, Olympic Handicap Sailor.

Ken Waranius has been a sailor for 34 years.  Several of those were spent living on his 32 foot islander “Svaap.”  He is currently and ASA certified instructor, teaching sailing at Whiskeytown Lake in Northern California, where he has been giving lessons for the last 13 years.

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